Improve Your Cake Design – Use Air Brush Technique

Want to know the quickest and the easiest way to add elegance and alluring look to your cake creations? Yes? You’re here for a treat. Airbrush is the one for you! Airbrush is a cake decorating kit. It is also one of the fastest approaches in improving the look of simple cakes. Airbrushing is a technique in which edible colors are used to spray using a special needle. What it does, is it helps compress the air. You may spend a few bucks to purchase this incredible airbrush machine, but I’m sure that it is worth it. The machine can serve as a future investment, if you want to pursue cake decorating.

Below are the steps on how you can practice airbrush design:

Things that you will need:
· Airbrush equipment that is specialized for designing cakes
· Edible paint
· Stencils
· White frosting or icing

The first thing that you have to do is to purchase colorful edible paints to use for airbrushing. It is so essential that you use edible paint.

Buy an airbrush machine that is specially designed for cake decorating. You can buy this machine from various cooking stores near you or just visit the web and find a reputable airbrush machine manufacturer.

Cover the cake with an even and thin layer of white icing. In this setting, the cake will serve as canvas. The popular picks for white icings are vanilla and cream cheese.

Load the first color to the airbrush machine. Remember to do it one at a time or you’ll end up mixing the colors, making the cake look dirty.

Sketch the design that you want the cake to look like. Find the colors that you will need. You may also do some practicing first. You can do this by spraying on a piece of paper towel.

Point the airbrush to the cake surface and then pull the trigger. Maintain your position, preferably 45 degrees angle. Do not spray more than eight inches away from the surface of the cake. Move the airbrush across the cake, spraying the soft colors first.

After that, clean the airbrush with the use of hot water. Do this step before putting another color to the airbrush.

Use the stencils to maintain the lines of the cake.

Outline the airbrush designs with the use of cake decorating icings. This step will give a new view refreshing look to the cake.

Decorate the cake with the use of cake decorating flowers, edible cake decorations or even plastic decorations that will add spice to your masterpiece.

Helpful tips:
You may experience some problems in the airbrush machine like spitting of paints and clogging. The airbrush machine may need some cleaning. If you’re still experiencing technical problems, check the airbrush needle if it is bended or damaged.