8 Best Tips for Marketers to Craft a Viral Business Press Release

If you invest in content marketing campaigns, you want your press releases to get in front of many people as possible. You want people to share it and gain the attention of the stakeholders.

Neetzan Zimmerman, the editor-in-chief of Gawker never promoted any of his content that went viral.  According to Neil Patel, any content has the capacity to go viral once you have activated the viral triggers and lead with persuasion. A viral content can drive 2, 500 visitors a day to your website and boost your search engine ranking.

You can’t generate a viral content overnight, but you should be consistent to drive the result that you want.

What does viral mean?

Viral content is a content that circulates rapidly and reaches one user to another at the least possible time. A content that goes viral is distributed fast on different social media channels like a virus.

How to Create a viral press release for business?

A viral content has certain qualities that make them viral. They have the capacity to make the lives of the readers, better, solve their problems, or  offer a better choice. If you are writing about your new book, how will you make your announcement about it go viral?1

1.Content that induce emotions (pathos).

A content can go viral if it has appeal to the readers. How? One way to get their attention is to induce their emotions.

When writing your release, keep in mind that it should suggest emotions, such as humor, sadness, anxiety, awe or wonder. Include a story with a human interest to trigger emotions. You may also include images and video that add more depth and appeal to your content.

For instance, you may write the story of how your business faced challenges and overcome it. You may also write something about where your product originated.

2.Content that provides benefits.

Writing a online press release that offers practical benefits to the readers are the ones that have a greater chance to go viral. Writing something that highlight how your product can improve the lives of the readers.

For example, write about the launch of your automatic vegetable slicer that can save time and effort in cutting vegetables. This type of release is perceived well by the people because it can help them in minimizing the time spent on cutting vegetables.

3.Content with a positive message.

When writing content, ensure that you highlight a positive message than a negative one. Studies have shown that people are more likely to share content with a positive message on the social media.

4.The element of surprise.

Viral images are more likely to trigger the reaction of surprise that makes it viral. The same in content, those that surprises the readers have more tendencies to be shared, liked and tweeted.

5.It has social currency.

Creating content that makes the people feel good about themselves or boosting their self-worth can trigger virality. It is because of social currency. People love to talk and share what makes them feel good inside.

6.Content with a clear CTA.

Some of the popular viral content has a clear call-to-action. After writing your announcement, it should be interactive by inviting the readers to do something.

Viral content that has surveys and quizzes encourage the readers to join in and learn from it. Moreover, it’s an instant method for them to quickly share it on their social media channels.

7.Content with the right format.

Content that doesn’t have images or video or just plain text seems boring to read. Include multimedia to encourage the readers to share it. You may also use bullet points, lists, research results or practical tips that are more interesting for the readers and easier to digest.

8.Content with engaging topic.

What topic are you going to write in your next release? For instance, the topics that can easily go viral are stories about love, long life, health and fitness, animals and babies. Even if your topic is boring, develop an interesting angle to trigger the excitement of the readers.

This can include having an attention-grabbing headline. The headline, “Dog Bites the Man” is so common that it doesn’t appeal to a lot of readers. However, the headline, “Man Bites the Dog” can draw a lot of attention because of its uniqueness.